If You Are Looking for Creative Commons Images Online – We Found the Best Sources

If you are a blogger, journalist or if you write any other type of content, than you have most likely found yourself going online and looking for creative commons image to use for your website or blog in order to elevate it and make it feel even more professional. In these types of situations people tend to turn to Google first, and while that is an easy way to find images, if you use them for any professional use then you risk ending up with images that are someone else’s property. The best way for you to find creative commons images online is to go to certain places, and in this article we will talk to you about three of the best ones.


If you are really looking for something different, then this website is the one for you because it has some really great clip art with vector and bitmap images that are all available for you to download. This site is a particularly great choice for you if you are looking for good icons and symbols to include on your website. One of the best features of this site is the fact that you are allowed to edit any SVG image in a drawing program that is browser based and you can even use the visual editor in order to modify the images and symbols. This is a particularly great tool to have because it will allow you to change the colors of the elements.


Not a lot of people know that they should go to Flickr when looking for creative commons images online because they simply don’t know that Flickr has a creative commons section. There are actually over 200 million photos that have all been uploaded by users and most of them have the CC license. A lot of them have licenses that allow for the photos to only be used for noncommercial use, but even with that you will still be able to find tons of different images that have the creative commons license. The site has a useful feature that allows you to browse for images according to the license that they have, which makes the search much easier.

Creative commons search

This is a great tool that has an interface that does searches through different engines on various websites and find the best free media for you to use, including creative commons images. The websites that are being searched include Google images, Fotopedia, Wikimedia Commons and so on, and the best part is that when you use the CC search on this interface al of the filters will be automatically applied and you will only be shown images that have the CC license.

Whether you are looking for images of flowers, food, skylines or whatever else it may be, if there is one thing that you can be sure of is that going to these pages will help you find creative commons images online and you will be able to make your website even better without stealing someone else’s work.