How To Find creative commons images online – The Guide for CC Images 2018

If you are someone that has a personal or professional website or any kind of blog the one thing that you have to be aware of is how much good images can make a difference in the way that your website looks. They will not only make the site look better, but they will make it look more professional and more appealing to the readers. Finding pictures that are approved for others to use can be a bit tricky and is something that a simple search on Google images can’t really help you with which is why in this article we will give you a few places that you can go to when looking for creative commons images online.

Open Clip Art Library

While this great library can be accessed through some other sites, like Clikr, if you want to get the full scope of options then the best thing that you can do is actually go directly to the source. Another thing that you can do is actually install this library on your computer which will actually make a very large portion of the library available offline as well, which is a great thing. Of course, the offline collection isn’t nearly as full as the online one, but it is still a great option to have just in case. Apart from finding different types of clip art, you can also get tons of images and they are also not censored, but the ones that may be offensive to some people are marked as such, so you don’t have to worry about that.


On this site, you will find a great collection of images that are high resolution and can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Another awesome things about this platform is that all authors have to agree to terms that they are only uploading their own original work, which means that you will know exactly whose work you are using and you will know who to credit if that is something that you want to do. The site does not require you to credit anyone’s work when using it and you are also free to make changes to the images to suit your need.

Regardless of whether you are looking for clip art or great stock images, this is definitely the place to go, despite the fact that the name of the website does sound pretty spam-y. The images on here are all under different licenses, including the CC license, you when you are looking for creative commons images online on this site you will have to scroll down on the page of each individual image and see exactly what license it’s using. One thing that you should be aware of is to not click on the images that say they are sponsored by Shutterstock because you will only end up being redirected to their own site and you will be asked to pay a subscription before you can download the images.

Finding the right pictures can change the way your website looks, the way that people look at it and it can really add to the written content of your site or blog. Make sure to check these websites out the next time that you are looking for creative commons images online and you will surely be able to find tons of different images.